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The Faculty of Business, Economics and Law is committed to conducting research that matters. Research that matters is both research of high academic quality and impact, and research of relevance and value for business, the professions, government and society. The Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, comprises The AUT Business School, The AUT Law School and The School of Economics as well as a research institute and five research centres.
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Recently Added

  • Constitutional conflict and the development of Canadian aboriginal law

    Charlton, G; Gao, X (The University of Notre Dame Australia Law Review, 2017)
    This paper argues that aboriginal rights in Canada have been greatly affected by 19th Century governmental and social conflicts within the Canadian colonial state. These conflicts, largely over the ownership of land and ...
  • Managerial attitudes towards the incompleteness of performance measurement systems

    Islam, S; Adler, R; Northcott, D (Emerald, 2017)
    Purpose Performance measurement systems (PMSs) are at the heart of most organisations. The aim of this study is to examine the attitudes of top-level managers towards the incompleteness of PMSs. Design/methodology/ap ...
  • Boardroom Gender Diversity and Intellectual Capital Efficiency: Evidence from China

    Nadeem, M; De Silva, T-A; Gan, C; Zaman, R (Emerald, 2017)
    Purpose This study investigates the relationship between boardroom gender diversity and intellectual capital (IC) efficiency in China – while the previous literature focuses only on traditional accounting based performance ...
  • From Longhand Writing to Word Processing: A Phenomenological Study of the Technophobe Turned Novelist

    Diaz Andrade, AE (Springer, 2017)
    Firmly grounded on the assumption that using digital technology is an intentional, conscious and subjective experience, this study adopts a transcendental phenomenological approach to reveal the meaning of the individual ...
  • Help or Hindrance? Boardroom Network Connectivity and Firm Performance

    Ngataki Andersen, A; Gilbert, A (Auckland Centre for Financial Research, AUT University, 2016)
    While boardroom networks should act as a conduit for resource sharing between firms, and in doing so improve firm performance, recent evidence on the value of connected boards is limited and inconclusive. This study aims ...
  • Does Economic Integration Stimulate Capital Mobility? An Analysis of Four Regional Economic Communities in Africa

    Kumar, S; Sen, R; Srivastava, S (Elsevier, 2013)
    It is well known that high levels of regional integration enable portfolio risk diversification and capital mobility. While there have been a number of empirical attempts to verify the presence of capital mobility using ...
  • The Roots of Misalignment: Insights from a System Dynamics Perspective

    Baker, J; Singh, H (Association for Information Systems (AIS), 2015)
    Aligning IT strategy with business strategy has repeatedly been shown to yield organizational performance benefits, and is consistently among executives' most important goals. However, as organizations pursue strategic ...
  • How Strategy is Adapted and Extended in Social Entrepreneurship

    Corner, P; Kearins, K (Academy of Management (AOM), 2012)
    We examined three strategy frameworks in the social entrepreneurship context: industrial/organization economics; the resource-based view; and the relational view. Our qualitative study investigated six cases and findings ...
  • Applying Critical Realism in Spirituality at Work Research

    McGhee, P; Grant, P (Emerald Insight, 2017)
    Purpose This study aims to demonstrate how critical realism (CR) can be used in spirituality at work (SAW) research and to provide a practical example of CR in SAW research. Design/methodology/approach CR is a ...
  • The Influence of Managers’ Spiritual Mindfulness on Ethical Behaviour in Organisations

    McGhee, P; Grant, P (Spirituality, Leadership and Management Inc, 2015)
    Recently, there have been several corporate scandals both in New Zealand and overseas involving unethical management behaviour that caused significant harm to a range of stakeholders. The literature on spirituality and ...
  • Phronesis and Spirituality in the Workplace

    Grant, P; McGhee, P (Spirituality, Leadership and Management Inc, 2012)
    A recent paper by Authors (2008) argued that certain behavioural characteristics of spiritual persons inform an individual’s choice of values and, in turn, become part of their regulative ideal. A model was developed to ...
  • Inconsistencies and Composition, and the Value Relevance of Non-GAAP Earnings of Red Chip Companies

    Rahman, A (American Accounting Association (AAA), 2016)
    We examine the relevance of non-GAAP earnings (NGE) reporting in annual reports in a less regulated and less intense information environment, the environment of Red Chip companies of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE). ...
  • Investor Protection, Firm Fundamentals Information and Stock Price Synchronicity

    Ahmad, A; Courtenay, S; Rahman, A (Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ), 2014)
    This paper reports a cross-country study on the use of firm fundamentals information (FFI) in capital market pricing decisions with institutional arrangements for investor protection (IP) as a moderating variable. We use ...
  • The Skewness of Commodity Futures Returns

    Fernandez Perez, A; Frijns, B; Fuertes, AM; Miffre, J (Elsevier, 2017)
    This article studies the relation between the skewness of commodity futures returns and expected returns. A trading strategy that takes long positions in commodity futures with the most negative skew and shorts those with ...
  • 8-K Filings, Twitter Activities and Stock Market Reactions

    Rahman, A; Debreceny, R (American Accounting Association (AAA), 2015)
    Twitter has become one of the major channels for information dissemination and communication, which includes companies’ market relevant information. This study investigates how Twitter activities are related to 8-K filings ...
  • Liquidity, Monetary Policy and Unemployment: A New Monetarist Approach

    Xiao, X; Dong, M (AUT School of Economics, AUT University, 2017)
    We discover a consumption channel of monetary policy in a model with money and government bonds. When the central bank withdraws government bonds (short-term or long-term) through open market operations, it lowers returns ...
  • Women in the Boardroom and Their Impact on Climate Change Related Disclosure

    Momin, M; Hossain, M; Farooque, O; Almotairy, O (Emerald, 2017)
    Purpose - This paper aims to investigate the relationship between gender diversity and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) score/index. Specifically, the study describes extant research on theoretical perspectives, and the ...
  • Under Pressure: OHS of Vulnerable Workers in the Construction Industry

    Lamm, F; Moore, D; Nagar, S; Rasmussen, E; Sargeant, M (ER Publishing, 2017)
    The New Zealand construction industry provides a good illustration of the changing nature of work and the impact this has had on the occupational health and safety (OHS) of sub-contracted construction workers. In particular, ...
  • Using Spiritual Intelligence to Transform Organizational Cultures

    McGhee, P; Grant, P (Business and Organization Ethics Network (BON), 2017)
    Recently spirituality has become a viable topic of discussion for management scholars seeking a means to enhance work cultures and improve organisational effectiveness. However, the path from spirituality to transforming ...
  • Teaching the Virtues of Sustainability As Flourishing to Undergraduate Business Students

    Grant, P; McGhee, P (Southern Public Administration Education Foundation (SPAEF), 2016)
    Business leaders have a major influence over the achievement of a truly sustainable world; however to do this such leaders need knowledge, which can provide them with convictions that alter both their individual behaviour ...

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