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AUT School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences is home to a number of renowned research institutes in engineering, and computer and mathematical sciences. Our strong industry partnerships and the unique combination of engineering, computer and mathematical sciences within one school stimulates interdisciplinary research beyond traditional boundaries.

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Recently Added

  • A Framework for Writing Learning Agreements 

    Clear, T; Parsjö, E; Cajander, Å; Daniels, M; Lagerqvist, N; McDermott, R (IEEE, 2016)
    Abstract: Active learning is a popular concept for motivating learning. Learning agreements are one strategy towards this goal. They can be used to aid the students to take ownership of their learning and in becoming more ...
  • Students Envisioning the Future 

    Lind, T; Cajander, Å; Sandblad, B; Daniels, M; Lárusdóttir, M; McDermott, R; Clear, T (IEEE, 2016)
    How can students be included as critical stakeholders in the systems and services provided by a university? To address the whole student experience, we engaged students and employees at a large Swedish university in a ...
  • Aligning Quality Assurance at the Course Unit and Educational Program Levels 

    Jónsson, B; Lárusdóttir, M; Daniels, M; Clear, A; Clear, T; McDermott, R (IEEE, 2016)
    Quality assurance is a subject that has grown dramatically in importance in recent times. In previous work, we have described how the ACM Curricula can be used to support the Quality Assurance process of educational programs, ...
  • Managing Requirements Change the Informal Way! When Saying 'No' Is Not an Option 

    Hussain, W; Zowghi, D; Clear, T; MacDonell, SG; Blincoe, K (IEEE, 2016)
    Software has always been considered as malleable. Changes to software requirements are inevitable during the development process. Despite many software engineering advances over several decades, requirements changes are a ...
  • Classification and Segmentation of fMRI Spatio-temporal Brain Data With a Neucube Evolving Spiking Neural Network Model 

    Doborjeh, MG; Capecci, E; Kasabov, N (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2014)
    The proposed feasibility analysis introduces a new methodology for modelling and understanding functional Magnetic Resonance Image (fMRI) data recorded during human cognitive activity. This constitutes a type of Spatio-Temporal ...
  • Skewed Distributions in Semi-stream Joins: How Much Can Caching Help? 

    Naeem, MA; Dobbie, G; Lutteroth, C; Weber, G (Elsevier, 2016)
    Semi-stream join algorithms join a fast data stream with a disk-based relation. This is important, for example, in real-time data warehousing where a stream of transactions is joined with master data before loading it into ...
  • The AUSTRAL VLBI Observing Program 

    Weston, S; Plank, L; Lovell, J; McCallum, J; Mayer, D; Reynolds, C; Quick, J; Weston, S; Titov, O; Shabala, S; Bohm, J; Natusch, T; Nickola, M; Gulyaev, S (Springer Journals, 2016)
    The AUSTRAL observing program was started in 2011, performing geodetic and astrometric very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) sessions using the new Australian AuScope VLBI antennas at Hobart, Katherine, and Yarragadee, ...
  • Hardware Implementations of SVM on FPGA: A State-of-the-Art Review of Current Practice 

    Afifi, SM; Gholamhosseini, H; Poopak, S (International Journal of Innovative Science Engineering and Technology (IJISET), 2015)
    The Support Vector Machine (SVM) is a common machine learning tool that is widely used because of its high classification accuracy . Implementing SVM for embedded real -time applications ...
  • Remote Patient Monitoring System: Evaluation of Medical Devices from Patients’ Perspective 

    Baig, MM; Gholamhosseini, H; Connolly, MJ (Health Informatics New Zealand (HINZ), 2014)
    Currently, remote health monitoringis one of the emerging areasof healthcare directed towardsabetter healthcaredelivery.Worldwide acceptance of such solutions isdue to the use of internet and its related services;being ...
  • Mining Social Networking Sites for Digital Evidence 

    Cusack, B; Alshaifi, S (Security Research Institute, Edith Cowan University, 2015)
    OnLine Social Networking sites (SNS) hold a vast amount of information that individuals and organisations post about themselves. Investigations include SNS as sources of evidence and the challenge is to have effective tools ...
  • Increasing Pass Rates in Introductory Mechanics Courses 

    Jowitt, WA (School of Engineering & Advanced Technology, Massey University, 2014)
    BACKGROUND Low pass rates in introductory mechanics courses are commonly observed in universities throughout Australasia and elsewhere. In the author’s experience pass rates rise when the number of assignments rises. ...
  • Quantitative Computational Experiment (QCE): An Alternative Post-Positivist Experimental Research Strategy of Inquiry for Design Studies 

    GhaffarianHoseini, A; Ibrahim, R; Tookey, J (Institute of Research and Journals (IRAJ), 2015)
    One of the most important aspects for development of valid results in academic research is selection of the appropriate research methodology. Contemporary research in design studies confronts the rapid expansion of emerging ...
  • Experimental Experience of Cold Starting a Spark Ignition UAV Engine Using Low Volatility Fuel 

    Hooper, Peter (Emerald Publishing Limited, 2015)
    Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to present results of practical experience of cold starting a gasoline engine on low volatility fuel suitable for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) deployment. Design/methodology/approach ...
  • Why the Kemeny Time is Constant 

    Hunter, J; Gustafson, K (Cornell University Library, 2015)
    We present a new fundamental intuition for why the Kemeny feature of a Markov chain is a constant. This new perspective has interesting further implications.
  • Substitution In a Hybrid Remanufacturing System 

    Marshall, S; Archibald, Thomas (Elsevier, 2014)
    Increasing legislative and societal pressures are requiring manufacturers to operate more sustainably and to take responsibility for the fate of their goods after they have been used by consumers. This paper models a hybrid ...
  • The Challeges in Implementing Security in Spontaneous Ad Hoc Networks 

    Nisbet, A (SRI Security Research Institute, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia, 2016)
    Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETS) promise much in the ability to rapidly deploy a wireless network in a fashion where no prior planning is needed and the network can be running efficiently and with high security within ...
  • Development of a Diaphragm Stirling Cryocooler 

    Caughley, A; Sellier, M; Tucker, A; Gschwendtner, M (International Cryocooler Conference, 2014)
    Callaghan Innovation, formerly Industrial Research Ltd, has developed a novel free-piston Stirling cryocooler concept using metal diaphragms. The concept uses a pair of metal diaphragms to seal and suspend the displacer ...
  • Custom 3-D Printed Nasal Mask for Measuring Nasal Airflow: A Cost Effective Method with Design Flexibility 

    White, DE; Shakeel, M.; Bartley, J.; Makinson, D.; Whittington, C. (MedCrave, 2017)
    The nasal cycle controls the balance between heat and water fluxes and enables cells and glands to rest and recharge. Nasal drying is reported frequently during nasal applied CPAP in sleep apnoea patients. There is no ...
  • LED Lighting as Energy Management Tool through Correlation Analysis of Daily Electricity Demand and Supply Curve 

    Qureshi, JA; Lie, T; Hasan, R (IEEE, 2016)
    Power industry has restructured in last decades and now it has become a commodity rather than a utility with the maximization of profit as its main purpose. Peak ripples in the electricity demand curve could disturb the ...
  • A Distributed Machine Learning Approach for the Secondary Voltage Control of an Islanded Micro-Grid 

    Al Karim, M; Currie, J; Lie, T (IEEE, 2016)
    Balancing the active and the reactive power in a stand-alone micro-grid is a critical task. A micro-grid without energy storage capability is even more vulnerable to stability issues. This paper investigates a distributed ...

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