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File downloads Item page views
Current month 8,988 5,296
Previous month 16,067 10,171
All dates 355,011 255,191
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Top items (1766 items total)

Top authors (1824 authors total)

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Currently showing: File downloads; All dates

File downloads
Neitzert, T 17,225
Williamson, D 8,306
Stamm, M 8,011
Smollan, R. K. 7,559
Sayers, J. G. 7,441
Harris, C 6,977
Clear, Tony 6,877
MacDonell, SG 6,864
Singh, DPK 6,686
Stamm, ML 6,686

Top collections (27 collections total)

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Currently showing: File downloads; All dates

File downloads
Faculty of Business and Law 67,072
School of Computer and Mathematical Sciences 41,983
School of Engineering 35,266
School of Hospitality and Tourism 30,017
School of Rehabilitation and Occupational Studies 26,146
School of Art and Design 25,425
Enterprise and Innovation 21,895
School of Languages and Social Sciences 21,366
Faculty of Health and Environmental Sciences 16,273
KEDRI - the Knowledge Engineering and Discovery Research Institute 14,084

Top visitors' geographic locations

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Currently showing: File downloads; All dates

Top country views

File downloads
United States 45,632
New Zealand 30,600
United Kingdom 21,070
India 18,727
China 17,187
Germany 13,591
Australia 10,678
France 8,148
Malaysia 7,950
Indonesia 6,923

Top cities views

File downloads
Auckland 15,385
Beijing 7,738
Wellington 3,123
Mountain View 3,070
Kuala Lumpur 2,860
New Delhi 2,745
Kiez 2,484
Munich 2,428
Jakarta 2,421
London 2,400

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