• New Zealand Government Social Research Literature Study

      Crothers, C; Fourt-wells, S (Sociological Association of Aotearoa New Zealand (SAANZ), 2018)
      No abstract.
    • Woke Washing: What Happens When Marketing Communications Don't Match Corporate Practice

      Vredenburg, J; Kapitan, S; Spry, A; Kemper, J (The Conversation Media Group Ltd, 2018)
      No abstract.
    • Diffuse Solar Potential of Facades in an Urban Context Under Different Sky Conditions

      ur Rehman, N; Anderson, T; Nates, R (Australian PV Institute (APVI), 2018)
      This paper presents an advance in a method to evaluate the diffuse solar potential on facades in the urban environment. The proposed method is suitable to work in both the isotropic and anisotropic sky conditions. It employs ...
    • Detection of Red-meat Adulteration by Deep Spectral–spatial Features in Hyperspectral Images

      AlSarayreh, M; Reis, M; Yan, W-Q; Klette, R (Springer Verlag, 2018)
      This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the performance of hyperspectral imaging for detecting adulteration in red-meat products. A dataset of line-scanning images of lamb, beef, or pork muscles was collected taking ...
    • Utilization of 3D Printing Technology to Facilitate and Standardize Soft Tissue Testing

      Scholze, M; Singh, A; Lozano, PF; Ondruschka, B; Ramezani, M; Werner, M; Hammer, N (Springer Nature Ltd., 2018)
      Three-dimensional (3D) printing has become broadly available and can be utilized to customize clamping mechanisms in biomechanical experiments. This report will describe our experience using 3D printed clamps to mount soft ...
    • The Boundaries of Education: Using Mobile Devices for Connecting People to Places

      Sinfield, D (Co-Action Publishing, 2018)
      This discussion paper explores pedagogy beyond the boundaries of tertiary institutional classrooms through a socio-cultural lens that examines the history of a small-town community. In doing so this paper discusses the ...
    • New Zealand National Gambling Study: 2018 Participant Re-contact and Implications for a 2019 Interview Wave

      Bellringer, M; Garrett, N; Abbott, M (Auckland University of Technology, 2018)
      Introduction The National Gambling Study (NGS) is a nationally representative longitudinal survey of adults aged 18 years and older, designed to provide information on the prevalence, incidence, nature and effects of ...
    • A Survey of Foot Orthoses Prescription Habits Amongst Podiatrists in the UK, Australia and New Zealand

      Chapman, L; Redmond, A; Landorf, K; Rome, K; Keenan, A-M; Waxman, R; Alcacer-Pitarch, B; Siddle, H; Backhouse, M (BioMed Central, 2018)
      Background Foot orthoses are frequently used but little is known about which types are used in contemporary practice. This study aimed to explore the types of foot orthoses currently used by podiatrists and the prescription ...
    • Exploring Mobile Mixed Reality in Healthcare Higher Education: A Systematic Review

      Stretton, T; Cochrane, T; Narayan, V (Co-Action Publishing, 2018)
      Background: The evolution of technology and simulation has had a significant impact on clinical education. However, it remains grounded in traditional teaching paradigms, limiting potential for enhanced learning. Furthermore, ...
    • Designing a Virtual Health Faculty Hub

      Cochrane, T; Aiello, S; Cook, S; Stretton, T; Britnell, S; Narayan, V; Aguayo, C (Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education (ASCLITE), 2018)
      In this paper, we discuss the design of a 360-degree virtual environment experience for Health School students to explore seven university health disciplines within the School of Clinical Science. This teaching approach ...
    • Practice-led Doctoral Research and the Nature of Immersive Methods

      Mortensen Steagall, M; Ings, W (Anhembi Morumbi University, 2018)
      Practice-led research enables art and design practitioners approaches to discovering, applying and communicating original knowledge that have direct implications for their practice. Since the 1980s, internationally, the ...
    • Navigating Artistic Inquiry in a Creativeproduction Thesis: the Narrative and Illustrative Potentials of Realismo Maravilhoso

      Ings, W; Tavares, T (School of Exact Sciences, Architecture, and Design, Anhembi Morumbi University, 2018)
      This article considers the concept of artistic research as an approach to knowledge generation and understanding. It begins with a brief consideration of the historical development of artistic inquiry and its relationship ...
    • Conceptual Framework of Harmful Gambling: Third Edition

      Abbott, MW; Binde, P; Clark, L; Hodgins, DC; Johnson, MR; Manitowabi, D; Quilty, LC; Spangberg, J; Volberg, RA; Walker, DM; Williams, RJ (Gambling Research Exchange Ontario Gambling Research Exchange Ontario (GREO), 2018)
      Although it is seen by many as a form of leisure and recreation, gambling can have serious repercussions for individuals, families, and society as a whole. The harmful effects of gambling have been studied for decades in ...
    • Quantitative Comparison of EEG Compressed Sensing using Gabor and K-SVD Dictionaries

      Phuong, D; Li, XJ; Griffin, A (IEEE Circuits and Systems, Singapore Chapter, 2018)
      With the fast development of wearable healthcare systems, compressed sensing (CS) has been proposed to be applied in electroencephalogram (EEG) acquisition. For CS, it is desired to build the best-fit dictionary in order ...
    • Gradient Coils Design with Regularization Method for Superconducting Magnetic Resonance Imaging

      Zheng, S; Li, X; Yan, W-Q; Xu, W (IEEE, 2018)
      This paper proposes an approach to the design of gradient coils for superconducting magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The designed method takes use of Fourier series expansions to describe the continuous current density ...
    • Formalizing Probability Concepts in a Type Theory

      Kachapova, F (Science Publications, 2018)
      In this paper we formalize some fundamental concepts of probability theory such as the axiomatic definition of probability space, random variables and their characteristics, in the Calculus of Inductive Constructions, which ...
    • Becoming Iconic

      King, B (Annenberg School, University of Southern California, 2018)
      Contemporary popular journalism and cultural commentary are marked by the widespread proliferation of the term “iconic” in a way that departs from its traditional, sacred meaning, albeit carrying the aura of the former ...
    • Modelling of Large-scale Electric Vehicles Charging Demand: A New Zealand Case Study

      Su, J; Lie, T; Zamora, R (Elsevier, 2018)
      Due to increasing electric vehicles (EVs) uptakes, power system distribution network will have to accommodate the increased load level for charging EVs. Thus, the importance of a robust power system especially in the ...
    • Trump, Populism and the Merchant Imaginary

      King, B (Springer Nature Publishing AG, 2018)
      This article explores the social ontological basis of Trumpism as a form of populism, historically defined as government by personal rule. For many commentators, the key feature of Trump’s presidency is its fundamental ...
    • Editorial: Killing the Messenger

      Robie, D (Auckland University of Technology, School of Communication Studies, Pacific Media Centre, 2018)
      The statistics globally are chilling. And the Asia-Pacific region bears the brunt of the killing of journalists with impunity disproportionately. Revelations in research published in this edition of Pacific Journalism ...