The Masters Theses collection contains digital copies of AUT University masters theses deposited with the Library since 2002 and made available on open access. From 2007 onwards, all theses for masters degrees awarded are required to be deposited in Scholarly Commons unless subject to an embargo.

For theses submitted prior to 2007, open access was not mandatory, so only those theses for which the author has given consent are available in Scholarly Commons. Where consent for open access has not been provided, the thesis is usually recorded in the AUT Library catalogue where the full text, if available, may be accessed with an AUT password. Other people should request an Interlibrary Loan through their library.

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  • You will obtain the author’s permission before publishing any material from the thesis.

Recently Added

  • Ecosophies: Field/Mesh/Transversality 

    Stay, Hana (Auckland University of Technology, 2017)
    Ecosophies: Field/Mesh/Transversality is a practice-led design research project undertaken for a Master of Art & Design in the field of Spatial Design. The project explores the ontology of ecology through philosophical ...
  • Citizen Attitudes Towards the Restriction of Alcohol Sponsorship in Sport 

    Brooks, Lloyd (Auckland University of Technology, 2017)
    Background Governments can intervene to change health related behaviours using various measures but are sensitive to public attitudes towards such interventions. In response to the growing concern around alcohol and its ...
  • Turning Fact Into Fiction 

    Haworth, Debra (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    The thesis, a novel titled Moving Forward, came about in response to my desire to examine the emotional experiences that seemed common among caregivers looking after their loved ones over protracted time frames. The novel ...
  • Bed of Sloth 

    Moore, Dave (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    This submission is a thesis in two parts. The first is the third full draft of a creative work in Social Realist (SR) novel form entitled Bed of Sloth developed during the Master of Creative Writing (MCW) programme 2016. ...
  • White Sheets and Other Particulars 

    Duffy, Danielle (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    White Sheets and Other Particulars is a novel of a woman recovering from the death of her son and a subsequent suicide attempt. It is written as a tandem narrative, with non-chronological flashbacks between a pre-traumatic ...
  • Deconstructing Light 

    Fraser, Sandra Jan (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    This collection of poems, Deconstructing Light, is a poetic memoir, an exploration of my changing relationship with the science of light and certain associated technologies (the camera the telescope and screen)
The significant ...
  • Design and Implementation of A Cloud Based Intelligent Surveillance System 

    Zhou, Lei (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    Visual surveillance is widely used in different fields such as security, transportation, medicine, and logistics. However, these videos and images require appropriate storage and computing platforms. Cloud based surveillance ...
  • Lights Out / The Box: An Illustrative Consideration of the Uncanny 

    Quy, Maximillian (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    Lights Out / The Box is a collection of short comics situated within the horror/mystery genres. My thesis and exegesis explore the challenges of conveying horror in the comics medium, with a specific focus on eliciting a ...
  • The Edge of Blood 

    Jaques, Lincoln Tyrone (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    The Edge of Blood is a full length creative work set within the neo-noir genre. It follows four professional assassins as they are blackmailed by a ruthless criminal Boss on a job to take down his lifetime ally who has ...
  • Maori Public Health Practitioners’ Views of Māori Leadership in the New Zealand Public Health Context; A Critical Hermeneutic Study 

    Tipene, Roimata (Auckland University of Technology, 2017)
    Despite significant health inequities between Māori and non-Māori, the number of Māori public health practitioners working within the public health sector in New Zealand is low. In the last decade there have been a number ...
  • Understanding Carbon Emission Mitigation in the New Zealand Accommodation Industry: A Mixed Methods Study 

    Knowsley, Amber (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    The accommodation sector is a key source of greenhouse gas emissions within tourism, and therefore there is a need to understand emission mitigation in the sector. As there is a geoscientific consensus that excessive ...
  • Mainstream Early Childhood Teachers and Their Understandings of Pacific Education 

    Jattan, Jasmin (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    Abstract This research explores the views of eight mainstream early childhood teachers and their understandings of Pacific education. Pacific children in education continue to fall within the underachievement statistics ...
  • Leadership in Early Childhood Education: The Journey of Pasifika Educators 

    Moodley, Emeavallie (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    Leadership theory and practice are well developed in the business sector, corporate organisations and in the compulsory schooling sector. However, leadership in the early childhood sector lacks direction and effective ...
  • Selective Laser Re-melting 

    Chung, Sonia (Auckland University of Technology, 2017)
    The additive manufacturing (AM) industry is heavily employed in a wide variety of applications today. Initially, the different processes have been used for concept modelling and rapid prototyping but are now capable of ...
  • Tagalog Language Maintenance and Shift Among the Filipino Community in New Zealand 

    Umali, Ronalyn (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that affect the attitudes and behaviours of Filipino migrants regarding their ethnic language maintenance in New Zealand. The research design was guided by a social ...
  • Educational Leadership as Influence: The Provision of Critical Teacher Feedback to Students 

    Lal, Reshmika Reeta (Auckland University of Technology, 2017)
    Effective feedback is regarded as one of the most influential factors in students’ achievement, yet many teachers find themselves unable to meet the demands of providing feedback in secondary school English classes. ...
  • Challenges and Facilitators Influencing Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Among South Asian Migrant Women in New Zealand 

    Silva, Wasani (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    This qualitative descriptive study was conducted to fill the knowledge gap identified in the past literature by answering the research question, what are the challenges and facilitators influencing physical activity and ...
  • Development and Examination of In-browser GPU Accelerated Cryptography 

    Win, Dajne (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    Many of us use encryption frequently whether realising it or not; it is the active yet often invisible element keeping our information and data safe. Despite this, many of us underestimate the value of encryption in our ...
  • Empirical Approaches for Human Behavior Analytics 

    Lu, Jia (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    Surveillance is ubiquitous in our communities which can be utilized to deal with multiple security issues. However, most of surveillance systems still are not intelligent which are mainly relying on security staff’s human ...
  • Musings on Musos: A Thematic Analysis of the Working Conditions Experienced by New Zealand Musicians 

    Smith, Ximena (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    The labour conditions in creative industries, such as the music industry, are complex. For instance, the deterioration of the 9-to-5 workday and the rise of project-based work has given creative workers more autonomy and ...

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