The Masters Theses collection contains digital copies of AUT University masters theses deposited with the Library since 2002 and made available on open access. From 2007 onwards, all theses for masters degrees awarded are required to be deposited in Scholarly Commons unless subject to an embargo.

For theses submitted prior to 2007, open access was not mandatory, so only those theses for which the author has given consent are available in Scholarly Commons. Where consent for open access has not been provided, the thesis is usually recorded in the AUT Library catalogue where the full text, if available, may be accessed with an AUT password. Other people should request an Interlibrary Loan through their library.

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Recently Added

  • Engaging in a rural community: perceptions of the oldest old 

    Napier, Sara (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    The purpose of this study was to explore the perceptions of people aged 85 years and over about their engagement in a rural community. Although engagement in the community is known to be beneficial to the health and wellbeing ...
  • The creation of competitive advantage: a Māori learning organisation's marketing strategy 

    Mehana, Sonia (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
    This thesis examines the application of the disciplines of the learning organisation to inform a marketing strategy inspired by creativity and innovation that fosters lifelong learning in a Māori organisational setting, ...
  • Not for me without me: co-designing assistive technology with people affected by dementia 

    Jury, Rebecca (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    Dementia is a degenerative disease of the brain that impairs an individual?s memory, language, mood, and logic. With the number of people living with dementia expected to double every twenty years, increasing strain has ...
  • Ocean of Milk 

    Aycrigg, Belinda (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
    The exegesis, Can the Subaltern Speak? Re-presenting the Lost Voice of the Vedic Version, posits that Gramsci's term subaltern applies in three ways: to myself, my work and its themes. I discuss how my 'otherness' underlies ...
  • The evaluation of the effects of network attacks in wireless mesh networks 

    Zhu, Yuming (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    Wireless mesh networks are becoming an attractive solution for providing low-cost Internet access citywide. However, network attack is a critical and destructive behavior in such networks, and is an extensive problem ...
  • The role of Facebook in the image management of Vietnamese celebrities 

    Phan, Tue Minh (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    The development of Facebook is one of the most interesting trends in the growth of Internet usage. In Vietnam, the popularity of Facebook means that it has played a significant role in human interaction and strongly ...
  • The influence of velocity based resistance training on neuromuscular strength and power adaptations in semi-professional rugby union and professional rugby league players 

    Singh, Gurdeep (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    The vast majority of resistance training programming in rugby union and rugby league training environments have for decades utilized traditional percentage based training (TPT) methods to develop the physical components ...
  • An analysis of female participation in UN peacekeeping since the implementation of SCR 1325 

    Vasconcelos Dutra Alves, Thalita (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    Although there is a breadth of literature and research on gender and armed conflict, its scope in the field of conflict resolution seems to be smaller than in other disciplines. Thus, the purpose of this research is to ...
  • Intelligent influence maximisation in online social networks 

    Jiang, Chang (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    An online social network can be defined as a set of socially relevant individuals with some patterns of interactions or contacts among them, which are connected by one or more online relations [1][2]. Online social networks ...
  • Studying the effects of persuasion knowledge and internet literacy on user behaviour online 

    Poosalingam, Jyotsna (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
    The purpose of this research study is to evaluate if user behaviour is affected when Persuasion Knowledge is activated in an online environment compared to a mobile environment. To determine the answer to this research ...
  • The New Zealand ageing workforce: an analysis of the export manufacturing industry 

    Curd, Estelle (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
    The workforce is rapidly ageing and this is evident in the export manufacturing industry in New Zealand. This could mean that in the next 10 to 15 years, there will be an increased rate of retirements with many aged workers ...
  • Exploring the role of emotions during the Fair Trade shopping experience 

    Chand, Muneeb (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
    The concept of consuming ethically, defined as that which benefits people, animals and the environment, has been experiencing a revival over the last few decades. Likewise, the fair trade movement is experiencing growth ...
  • Beyond Retrieve 

    Giacon, Michael Luigi Anthony (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
    Beyond retrieve is a volume of poetry in four sections, each introduced by a tone or theme setting song lyric. The broad theme is one of a journey of retrieving creativity and writing as the centre of my life, and moving ...
  • The Well and Fantasy : a journey through the genre 

    Kaur, Aradhna (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
    This project looks at the creation of a fantasy world and the fantasy genre in films, and analyses it as a whole. The fantasy genre is often seen as a means of escapism and is many times overlooked in terms of storytelling. ...
  • Cross models for twin recognition 

    Gu, Datong (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    Nowadays, biometrics has become a popular tool in personal identification as it utilizes physiological or behavioral characteristics to identify individuals. Recent advancement in computer science has increased the accuracy ...
  • Powdered Milk 

    Henry, Thalia Jane (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
    The creative thesis Powdered Milk weaves a Gothic rural psychological story, set in Otago in southern New Zealand. It explores complex individual histories and a burgeoning relationship in an interwoven tandem narrative ...
  • Teabags and Fingerprints: a creative consideration of a presentation of traces of the self 

    Binz, Isabelle (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    This research project is a creative exploration of the idea of the selfie in relation to the presentation of the self. Set against a backdrop of constantly proliferating selfies on social media sites, this practice-led ...
  • Ko te amorangi ki mua, ko te hāpai ō ki muri: the role of Mātauranga Raranga in the dissemination of Mātauranga Māori 

    Lentfer, Ngarongoa Isabella (Auckland University of Technology, 2015)
    Indigenous knowledge comes not from one individual, but from a collective (Lentfer, 2012). Creation stories, cryptic proverbs or whakataukī, songs filled with imagery, symbolism and social value; tribal histories and ...
  • Brand awareness gains wings on social media: the continued rise of values based marketing 

    Grimshaw Jones, Nigel (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    Brand values and the communication of them to customers, has become an integral part of marketing with the rise of social media use. Using social media as an active marketing initiative has also received a huge amount of ...
  • Effectuation in corporate entrepreneurship 

    Jarman, Jennifer Anne (Auckland University of Technology, 2016)
    Corporate Entrepreneurship (CE) has been a topic of interest to scholars for over 40 years. Scholars have defined CE using a variety of terms, however the core idea of CE has involved entrepreneurial activities occurring ...

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