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  • Rahman, K (The Asian Media Information and Communication Centre (AMIC); 2013)
    This work identifies socio-cultural themes that are represented in 3 distinct groups of Asian romance movies – Hindi, Thai and Malay. The discussion highlights cultural issues raised, previously considered taboo in Asian ...
  • Berney, CJ; Robie, D (Global Fusion Consortium; 2008)
    Advocacy journalism is practised by a wide range of mainstream media publishers and broadcasters and alternative media outlets. It is a genre of journalism that is fact-based but supports a specific viewpoint on an issue. ...
  • Robie, D (Pacific Media Centre, Auckland University of Technology; 2012)
    Ironically, alternative and independent media were not always marginalised. Less than two centuries ago, they were the ‘mainstream’. They being the radical and working class media of Europe and the new world colonies. This ...
  • Mules, PA (Australian Association of Writing Programs (AAWP); 2013)
    Changes in the way we produce, consume and distribute personal commmunication are subtly mediating new perceptions about communication appropriateness and literacy. While not denying that ideational content is an important ...
  • Brannigan, R (Inter-Disciplinary Press; 2014)
    Fusing Stage and Screen in Search of Empathy Ross Brannigan Faculty of Design & Creative Technologies, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand The liminal, intermedial space where cinema and theatre come together ...

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