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The Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies (Te Ara Auaha) is comprised of four school; Colab, the School of Art and Design, the School of Communication Studies and the School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences. It also has Institutes, Centres and Labs across the Arts and Sciences in a mix that blends the traditional and the new, praxis and theory.

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Collections in Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies (Te Ara Auaha)

Recently Added

  • Nurturing Global Collaboration and Networked Learning in Higher Education 

    Cronin, C; Cochrane, T; Gordon, A (Association for Learning Technologies, 2016)
    With the ubiquity of mobile social media in 2014, we consider communities of practice in the wider context of networked communication and networked learning in higher education. In this paper we build upon previous work ...
  • Building Global Learning Communities 

    Cochrane, T; Buchem, I; Camacho, M; Cronin, C; Gordon, A; Keegan, H (Association for Learning Technology, 2013)
    Within the background where education is increasingly driven by the economies of scale and research funding, we propose an alternative online open and connected framework (OOC) for building global learning communities using ...
  • Heutagogy and Mobile Social Media: Post Web 2.0 Pedagogy 

    Cochrane, T; Antonczak, L; Gordon, A; Sissons, H; Withell, A (ascilite, 2012)
    O’Reilly coined the term web 2.0 seven years ago (O'Reilly, 2005), yet in the past seven years we have seen minimal evidence of wide-spread impact of web 2.0 on traditional higher education pedagogy. Seven years on, we ...
  • Dialogue and Persuasion in the Islamic Tradition: Implications for Journalism 

    Rahman, KA (Global Media Journal -- Canadian Edition, 2016)
    As the dominant global media, Western media face constant ethical challenges. In a fast-paced, fast-changing world post-9/11, Western media have been accused of misrepresenting Islam and Muslims through biased reporting ...
  • Hierarchical Data Classification Using Deep Neural Networks 

    Tirimula, SS; Narayanan, A (Springer, 2015)
    Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) are becoming an increasingly interesting, valuable and efficient machine learning paradigm with implementations in natural language processing, image recognition and hand-written character ...
  • Using Design Science to build a Watermark System for Righful Ownership Protection in the Cloud 

    Cusack, B; Khaleghparast, R (arXivThe Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS), 2015)
    Cloud computing opportunities have presented service options for users that are both economical and flexible to use requirements. However, the risk analysis for the user identifies vulnerabilities for intellectual property ...
  • TANAMI: Tracking Active Galactic Nuclei with Austral Milliarcsecond Interferometry - II. Additional Sources 

    Muller, C; Kadler, M; Ojha, R; Schulz, R; Trustedt, J; Edwards, PG; Ros, E; Carpenter, B; Angioni, R; Blanchard, J; Bock, M; Burd, PR; Dorr, M; Dutka, MS; Eberl, T; Gulyaev, S; Hase, H; Horiuchi, S; Katz, U; Krauss, F; Lovell, JEJ; Natusch, T; Nesci, R; Phillips, C; Plotz, C; Pursimo, T; Quick, JFH; Stevens, J; Thompson, DJ; Tingay, SJ; Tzioumis, AK; Weston, S; Wilms, J; Zensus, JA (EDP Sciences, 2017)
    Context. TANAMI is a multiwavelength program monitoring active galactic nuclei (AGN) south of −30◦ declination including highresolution Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) imaging, radio, optical/UV, X-ray and γ-ray ...
  • Investigation Into a Stepped-piston Engine Solution for Automotive Range-extender Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles to Meet Future Green Transportation Objectives 

    Hooper, PR (Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 2017)
    Securing the objectives for future high-efficiency low-carbon-dioxide vehicles is a key target for automotive manufacturers. This paper considers a high-durability two-stroke cycle engine in terms of performance and ...
  • The Shape of Firms: Opportunities from Rapid Manufacturing 

    Esparza, A; Sosa Medina, R; Connor, AM (European Alliance for Innovatoin (EAI), 2017)
    This paper examines the role of design in the creation of new firms. A new interpretation of firm design is developed to explain the dynamics of entrepreneurship. This paper seeks to expand the conversation between design ...
  • A Secure and Authenticated Key Management Protocol (SA-KMP) for Vehicular Networks 

    Tan, H; Ma, M; Labiod, H; Boudguiga, A; Zhang, J; Chong, PHJ (IEEE, 2016)
    Public key infrastructure (PKI) is the most widely used security mechanism for securing communications over the network. However, there are known performance issues, making it unsuitable for use in vehicular networks. In ...
  • Trials of Celebrity 

    Johnson, RJK; King, DB (Pacific Media Centre, Creative Industries Research Institute, AUT University., 2013)
    This issue of Pacific Journalism Review engages with the theme of the dynamics of fame in a small country. In contrast to the dominant focus of the newly emergent field of Celebrity Studies on celebrity as a global phenomenon, ...
  • An Energy-efficient Region-based RPL Routing Protocol for Low-power and Lossy Networks 

    Zhao, M; Ho, IWH; Chong, PHJ (IEEE, 2016)
    Routing plays an important role in the overall architecture of the Internet of Things. IETF has standardized the RPL routing protocol to provide the interoperability for low-power and lossy networks (LLNs). LLNs cover a ...
  • Pictorial AR Tag With Hidden Multi-level Bar-code and Its Potential Applications 

    Le, H; Nguyen, M; Tran, H; Yeap, W (MDPI, 2017)
    For decades, researchers have been trying to create intuitive virtual environments by blending reality and virtual reality, thus enabling general users to interact with the digital domain as easily as with the real world. ...
  • Resource Management for Business Process Scheduling in the Presence of Availability Constraints 

    Xu, J; Liu, C; Zhao, X; Yongchareon, S; Ding, Z (Association for Computing Machinery, 2016)
    In the context of business process management, the resources required by business processes, such as workshop staff, manufacturing machines, etc., tend to follow certain availability patterns, due to maintenance cycles, ...
  • The TANAMI Multiwavelength Program: Dynamic SEDs of Southern Blazars 

    Krauß, F; Wilms, J; Kadler, M; Ojha, R; Schulz, R; Trüstedt, J; Edwards, PG; Stevens, J; Ros, E; Baumgartner, W; Beuchert, T; Blanchard, J; Buson, S; Carpenter, B; Dauser, T; Falkner, S; Gehrels, N; Gräfe, C; Gulyaev, S; Hase, H; Horiuchi, S; Kreikenbohm, A; Kreykenbohm, I; Langejahn, M; Leiter, K; Lovell, JEJ; Müller, C; Natusch, T; Nesci, R; Pursimo, T; Phillips, C; Plötz, C; Quick, J; Tzioumis, AK; Weston, S (EDP Sciences, 2016)
    Context. Simultaneous broadband spectral and temporal studies of blazars are an important tool for investigating active galactic nuclei (AGN) jet physics. Aims. We study the spectral evolution between quiescent and flaring ...
  • Cucker-smale Flocking Under Asynchronous Update Dynamics 

    Ma, J; Lai, E (IEEE, 2017)
    The effects of asynchronous updating of the state of the agents in a Cucker-Smale flocking model is considered in this paper. The study of asynchronous update is important because in practical implementations the agents ...
  • A Tile-based Color Picture With Hidden QR Code for Augmented Reality and Beyond 

    Tran, H; Le, H; Nguyen, M; Yan, W-Q (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2017)
    Most existing Augmented Reality (AR) applications use either template (picture) markers or bar-code markers to overlay computergenerated graphics on the real world surfaces. e use of template markers is computationally ...
  • A Morphology-based Model for Forecasting Cooling Energy Demand of Condominium Buildings in Sri Lanka 

    Geekiyanage, D; Ramachandra, T; Rotimi, JOB (The Association of Researchers in Construction Management (ARCOM), 2017)
    Building morphology has significant influence on operational energy demand of buildings. Energy consumption for space cooling accounts for more than 75% of electricity use in typical condominium buildings. With increase ...
  • Investigating the Effects of Robot-assisted Therapy Among Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Biomarkers 

    Bharatharaj, J; Huang, L; Al-Jumaily, AM; Krageloh, C; Elara, MR (IOP Publishing, 2017)
    Therapeutic pet robots designed to help humans with various medical conditions could play a vital role in physiological, psychological and social-interaction interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ...
  • A Trauma Shake-up: Are NZ Graduates Being Prepared for the Real World? 

    Barnes, M (Pacific Media Centre, AUT University, 2013)
    Young journalists today are highly likely to cover traumatic incidents early in their careers, with many confronting trauma day to day. This pressure is exacerbated in the current economic climate and fast-paced changing ...

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