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Auckland University of Technology Scholarly Commons is the central archive and repository for the long term preservation of Auckland University of Technology research and scholarly output.

The repository contains the research outputs, such as journal articles and conference papers, of Auckland University of Technology's staff as well as doctoral and masters theses and dissertations deposited with Auckland University of Technology Library since 2002. Auckland University of Technology, situated in Auckland, is New Zealand's newest University. The repository is harvested by all the major search engines.

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  • Cox, Elise Birgitte (Auckland University of Technology; 2013)
    The aim of this practice-based research is to examine the value of a traditional approach to garment construction. It is an enquiry in response to a gradual loss of sensibility within the discipline of garment manufacture. ...

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  • Keegan, Dennice (Auckland University of Technology; 2014)
    The nature of patient encounters in hospital accounts for hospital as a un homelike space which contributes to how encounters with staff are structured, and moments of care arise. In exploring the meaning of patients ...
  • Kennedy, J (CoLab, Auckland University of Technology; 2011)
    Interactive narrative video games are considered capable of engendering emotional responses from players. This idea extends from the presupposition that the player has a level of control over the outcome of an interactive ...
  • Ruckstuhl-Mann, Rachel (Auckland University of Technology; 2014)
    Two significant worlds here coincide and correspond: whanaukataka and somatic choreographic knowing. Activated through spatial design questioning, this thesis interrogates storytelling as an ethics of performance and as ...
  • Kennedy, J (Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (PopCAANZ); 2013)
    Animators are often expected to film their own acting reference. However, most animators are not trained actors, and as a result, their performances lack depth when dealing with emotionally-rich subject matter. The result ...
  • Alsufayri, Khulud (Auckland University of Technology; 2014)
    Many governments have made considerable efforts to develop and offer e-government services. It has been argued that e-government services have been made available in many countries, but unequal access and ineffective usage ...

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