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Auckland University of Technology Scholarly Commons is the central archive and repository for the long term preservation of Auckland University of Technology research and scholarly output.

The repository contains the research outputs, such as journal articles and conference papers, of Auckland University of Technology's staff as well as doctoral and masters theses and dissertations deposited with Auckland University of Technology Library since 2002. Auckland University of Technology, situated in Auckland, is New Zealand's newest University. The repository is harvested by all the major search engines.

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  • Waipara, Zak (Auckland University of Technology; 2014)
    Transmedia can be described as storytelling across multiple platforms of media delivery. This transmedia project, Otea, uses three digital media – an animated motion comic, an e-comic, and an interactive game - to tell a ...

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  • Nguyen, Thi Hang (Auckland University of Technology; 2013)
    This study examines the under-explored phenomenon of code-switching practised by EFL teachers in classroom instruction in a Vietnamese setting. Among the foreign languages taught and learned in Vietnamese universities, ...
  • Salla, Purvi (Auckland University of Technology; 2014)
    Adventure tourism has grown rapidly over the years playing a vital role in the economic growth of New Zealand as well as attracting numerous travellers from across the globe to the country. However, the adventure tourism ...
  • Lo, Karen Pui Che (Auckland University of Technology; 2013)
    Over the last two decades, there has been growing interest on how human resource management (HRM) contributes to organisational performance (Guest, 2011; Jiang, Lepak, Hu, & Baer, 2012; Paauwe, Guest, & Wright, 2013; Singh, ...
  • Booth, A (The Asian Migrations Research Theme, the University of Otago; 2014)
    This paper focuses on cultural economy, the “set of socio-economic relations that enable cultural activities” (Pratt, 2008, p. 49). It examines the production and representation of culture as a function of the economic ...
  • Gorodi, Suzie (Auckland University of Technology; 2014)
    This PhD project explores questions of liveness, site, and locale through a performance and media arts practice belonging to prosthetic technologies. As such, the project investigates performance, and its encounter through ...

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