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Auckland University of Technology Scholarly Commons is the central archive and repository for the long term preservation of Auckland University of Technology research and scholarly output.

The repository contains the research outputs, such as journal articles and conference papers, of Auckland University of Technology's staff as well as doctoral and masters theses and dissertations deposited with Auckland University of Technology Library since 2002. Auckland University of Technology, situated in Auckland, is New Zealand's newest University. The repository is harvested by all the major search engines.

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  • Smith, P (The Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick, Coventry; 2014)
    The New Zealand Government’s construction of an all-inclusive national identity in the early 2000s was imagined in terms of “the New Zealand Way” – a term used by politicians that clearly echoed Britain’s Third Way politics ...
  • Smith, P (Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD); 2014)
    A rejection by some white majority New Zealanders of the category of ‘European’ to describe their ethnicity in the 2006 census raises questions about how national identity is perceived in a country that has become increasingly ...
  • Ceccato, Rudy (Auckland University of Technology; 2014)
    This exegesis reports the approach and describes the various aspects involved in the realization of a project submitted for the Master of Creative Technologies at Auckland University of Technology. The project focuses ...
  • Turfrey, Ryan (Auckland University of Technology; 2014)
    Postactivation Potentiation (PAP) has been proposed as a means by which to achieve greater physiological and mechanical power through the manipulation of previous contractile work. However, there is a lack of applied PAP ...
  • Murdoch, C; Hearne, S (Library and Information Association of New Zealand; 2014)
    In 2012 Auckland University of Technology Library set out to redevelop its website. Inspired by the work of leaders in the field like Matthew Reidsma and Aaron Schmidt we realised that the virtual space which had become ...

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